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Cabin Radio’s Telegram channel: A simple, free way to get your news

Cabin Radio's Telegram channel.
Cabin Radio's Telegram channel.

If you used to rely on Facebook or Instagram for news, or if you just want a different way to get Cabin Radio’s journalism on your phone, download the Telegram app and subscribe to our channel.

Telegram is a free messaging app and a popular way to receive news in various countries.

A channel on Telegram is like signing up to receive Facebook posts or tweets: you get each Cabin Radio news story sent to your phone, the moment we publish it.

You can control whether you get a notification for each story, or whether you mute the channel and just check in when you feel like it. (On average, we publish six to eight stories most weekdays, to give you an idea of what to expect.)

You can also use Telegram to message story ideas or comments back to us.



Here’s how to get started. It should take more than a couple of minutes.

Step 1: Get Telegram on your phone

Get the Android or iPhone version. It’s completely free and is an app trusted by millions of people.

Step 2: Subscribe to our channel

Once you have Telegram, go direct to our channel to sign up for it. (Again, it’s free.)

You’ll get notified each time we publish something new, with a link allowing you to read the full story on our website.