Smith’s Landing First Nation election results challenged

Smith’s Landing First Nation’s June 12 election results are being appealed.

The First Nation posted a notice of hearing on its Facebook page on Tuesday. First Nation members will be given a chance to testify at the hearing.

The electoral officer, Margo Harney, previously reported Chief Gerry Cheezie received 70 votes in the election to his opponent Wilfred Paulette’s 58.


The four elected councillors include Geronimo Paulette, Thaidene Paulette, Delphine Paulette-Clark, and Tony Vermillion.

Eileen Tourangeau, Fred Daniels, Dianne Benwell, and Miranda Norn unsuccessfully ran for councillor positions.

The appellant, who is not named, alleged eight irregularities. They claim:

  • four candidates did not meet eligibility requirements;
  • one candidate was incorrectly ruled ineligible;
  • the electoral officer counted mail-in ballots that came in late, and counted mail-in ballots that were not sealed;
  • the electoral officer allowed a candidate’s agent who did not follow the election regulations to come to the ballot counting;
  • the reserve in Fort Fitzgerald did not have a polling station; and
  • unspecified inconsistencies between polling stations, alongside concerns about how polling clerks were used.

An arbitration hearing has been scheduled for July 24 at a location to be determined.

The election appeal arbitrator, Donald Mallon, will review the evidence and listen to testimony.


Mallon, who signed the notice of hearing, stated any people with an interest in its outcome, or who have information to share, will have an opportunity to testify.