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Five days of hot weather coming to southern NWT

The NWT's Deh Cho Bridge basks in sunshine
The NWT's Deh Cho Bridge basks in sunshine. Corey Myers/NWT Tourism

High summer temperatures are sticking around the southern NWT for up to a week, prompting heat warnings from Environment Canada.

Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Hay River, and Fort Smith will experience daytime highs of up to 29C, with nighttime temperatures not straying below 14C.

Environment Canada warns the heat will linger for at least five days.

Different temperatures trigger the agency’s warnings depending on the region of Canada in question.



In the NWT, warnings are issued whenever daytime highs of 29C and nightly lows of 14C or above will persist for two or more consecutive days.

Southeastern BC, by contrast, requires daytime highs to reach 35C before a similar warning would be published.

The federal environment agency says people should take heat exhaustion and heat stroke seriously.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as dizziness or disorientation, contact your local emergency medical service.

“If someone has a high temperature and is unconscious or confused or has stopped sweating, cool the person right away,” Environment Canada adds.