It’s not all bad: art and skiing are free in Yellowknife right now

A photo of Yellowknife's ski trails posted to Facebook by the Yellowknife Ski Club
A photo of Yellowknife's ski trails posted to Facebook by the Yellowknife Ski Club.

Two Yellowknife non-profits are trying to make social distancing a little easier on everyone by offering free skiing and art supplies. 

Writing on Facebook, the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife offered to pay it forward by passing on a recent donation of painting supplies. People stuck in their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic were invited to request packages of supplies.

The offer proved so popular, the coalition announced on Friday it was almost entirely out of supplies within a day.

Meanwhile, the Yellowknife Ski Club is offering free trail use for the rest of the season, citing “the ongoing need for activity that accommodates social distancing.”



The club says it has 14 kilometres of trails in “peak-season condition for both skate and classic skiing.”

However, the chalet will be closed to the public.

While the art supplies were snapped up quickly, there are ways you can help the Rainbow Coalition to prolong its offer.

The organization was quickly overwhelmed with requests for its stores of canvases, paint, brushes, watercolour pads, and sketchbooks.



Some of the art supplies Yellowknife's Rainbow Coalition is giving away. Photo: Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife Facebook page

Yellowknife’s Rainbow Coalition uploaded this photo of art supplies given away to residents.

Donations via e-transfer to will help the coalition to keep the project going.

“We know being physically distant and confined to your homes from other people can be very hard on mental health, which is why we’re offering to put together a small package of art supplies to drop off to anyone who requests it,” the coalition wrote on Thursday.

Meanwhile, local gym Stanley Boxing and Fitness is hosting daily workouts on social media that people can join from home.