Acho Dene Koe sets up $500K Covid-19 fund, orders supplies

The Dehcho’s Acho Dene Koe First Nation (AKDFN) says more than half a million dollars has been aside for members to receive food and supplies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Saying it was moving to assure members becoming impatient, the First Nation announced the funding on Tuesday. Indigenous Services Canada recently announced $2.6 million to support similar efforts by 10 NWT Indigenous governments, Acho Dene Koe included.

“It is important that Acho Dene Koe First Nation had all the financial information from the governments prior to making a decision on spending monies,” read a statement from AKDFN’s chief and council, adding the First Nation “didn’t want to spend money that they didn’t have.”


The First Nation’s funding is split into areas such “authorization to purchase food, supplies, and fuel at both the Northern Store and the Liard Fuel Centre,” based on the guidelines given by the federal and territorial governments.

Food and supplies are being hauled in from Alberta to form hampers for members, the First Nation’s statement added.

There are supports for Elders alongside funds to address food insecurity, pay for fuel, support income assistance, and provide some help to the local municipality.

Financial aid will be sent to non-Fort Liard residents in the form of $200 payments per adult and $100 per youth member. 

Elders can expect regular member support and supplies like heating fuel, traditional food, and split wood, to be with community contractors.


“Chief and council recognize that all members would like to have their support as soon as possible and all efforts will be made for this to occur,” the First Nation wrote.