NWT says first Covid-19 patient has now fully recovered

The NWT government on Friday declared the territory’s first Covid-19 patient has been given the all-clear and is considered recovered.

The person, a Yellowknife resident, had never required hospital treatment. They tested positive for Covid-19 in mid-March after travelling through Alberta and BC before coming back to the territory.

They had no symptoms on their flight home but developed mild symptoms three days after their return, NWT chief public health officer Dr Kami Kandola said as she announced the positive test on March 21.


No further information about the person has been made public, other than that they were recovering at home in isolation and “doing well.”

On Friday, April 3, the NWT government officially declared that person recovered.

Earlier in the week, Dr Kandola had said the patient was “in the process” of two tests designed to confirm their recovery.

That process involves back-to-back Covid-19 tests that must both come back negative.

“Once the person is showing no symptoms, we do a Covid-19 test. If that’s negative, we do another Covid-19 test in 24 hours,” Kandola told Cabin Radio.


If both come back negative, the person is “deemed to be recovered.”

The person’s recovery provides a measure of good news for the NWT after three more cases of Covid-19 were identified in the territory this week.

Two of those cases are recovering at home. The latest confirmed case is receiving treatment at Stanton Territorial Hospital.