Yellowknife announces ‘limited reopening’ of dump

The City of Yellowknife says its municipal dump will reopen to the public “for reduced hours” beginning on Monday, May 4.

The dump has been closed since the global Covid-19 pandemic reached the Northwest Territories last month. Its closure has been a source of mild consternation among some residents.

Opening hours will be 1pm until 4pm, Monday-Friday. The only reopened area will be a “designated public drop-off area” accepting recyclables, compost and organics, household garbage, pet waste, large items, “and other waste.”


Up to 10 people or vehicles will be permitted at once to ensure physical distancing measures are obeyed.

“Salvaging will not be permitted at this time [and] will resume at a time when it is safe to do so, for the public and staff,” the City said in a news release on Thursday.

Green cart collection remains suspended. Weekly black cart collection will continue.

“Small amounts of dog waste can continue to be disposed of in black carts at this time,” said the City. “Dispose of large amounts of dog waste collected from the winter months in the designated bin at the solid waste facility.”

A spring amnesty will take place from May 19-22 but there will be no curbside giveaway, large item pick-up service, or annual compost sale.


Sheila Bassi-Kellett, the city administrator, thanked residents “for your continued patience and understanding.”