YK is getting a drive-in movie! Here’s how to reserve your spot

Cabin Radio and friends bring you a pop-up Yellowknife drive-in movie theatre on Friday, May 8. Places are limited – here’s how to get yours.

Watch Mornings at the Webcam on Cabin Radio’s Facebook page from 8am until 8:40am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.

We’ll be giving away 10 vehicle spaces live on each morning show. You just have to be watching for a chance to win!


Remaining spaces will be awarded by the City of Yellowknife via its Facebook page. Make sure you check out the City if you have no luck in our four shows.

So what’s showing, where, and when? Here’s how it works.

Movie night is Friday May 8 at 11:30pm in the parking lot between the Multiplex and Fieldhouse. The Fieldhouse’s white wall is our screen!

Why so late? Because it’s so light outside – we need to start late to give the projectionist a chance. We recommend a pre-movie nap earlier that evening.

Parking opens: 10:30pm
Movie begins: 11:30pm
Last vehicle entry: 12 midnight


Entry is by donation. We’ll have the option available for you to donate on entry to the Multiplex and Fieldhouse parking lot. Donations will go to a Yellowknife-based charity, details to follow.

What are we watching? There’s a shortlist of three: Hook, Jurassic Park, or Groundhog Day. Stay tuned for our poll to decide the winner coming up this week.

You must have a reserved space to attend! Spaces are won by tuning in to Mornings at the Webcam or via the City of Yellowknife’s Facebook page.

All physical distancing rules and other pandemic-related measures will be followed. Here is some more important information if you’re hoping to attend:


  • Bring your own snacks! There will be no snack vending because Covid
  • Large vehicles will be asked to park further back to ensure the best sightlines for all
  • There are no on-site amenities and we ask that you do not leave your vehicle
  • Audio will be broadcast via short-range FM transmitter
  • Please turn your vehicle lights off where possible
  • Please do not idle your vehicle for the full duration of the film
  • Bring a blanket to stay warm!
  • Follow all instructions from parking volunteers and all public health guidance

Our huge thanks to drive-in movie partners the City of Yellowknife, WAMP, PIDO Productions, and Artless Collective for their hard work and expertise.