Start bringing your own face mask for flights, NWT says

Starting Monday, June 8, NWT residents travelling on flights will need to bring their own non-medical mask to wear, as required by Transport Canada regulations.

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) said its Department of Health and Social Services had been providing airlines with a supply of masks for passengers since the regulations first came into effect, on April 20.

However, the territorial government says that supply will soon run out.


Instead, NWT residents boarding flights in the territory will need to have a mask of their own from Monday.

“Passengers will not be allowed to board their flight without demonstrating that their non-medical face mask will adequately cover their mouths and noses for the duration of their flight with durable material like cotton,” the NWT government stated in a news release on Wednesday.

The territorial government recommends people wear masks in public spaces where it is difficult to remain two metres apart from others.

“While a non-medical face mask does not protect the wearer in the same way a medical mask would, it does prevent your respiratory droplets from contaminating other people or landing on surfaces,” the territory stated.