Dismay as Mildred Hall School bus is attacked again

Staff at Yellowknife’s Mildred Hall School are once again frustrated after the school’s bus was vandalized for the second time in less than a year.

Three side windows on the bus were smashed, teachers reported on Monday, with several others being damaged and chipped. Staff believe rocks were thrown at the windows.

Rocks were found inside the bus and lying next to the vehicle in the parking lot.


The bus is expected to be out of commission for at least three to four weeks.

“We’d like to think that you could keep something near the school and people should realize it’s for the kids. To see it smashed again is frustrating and disappointing,” said Ryan Nichols, vice-principal of Mildred Hall School.

Staff think the vandalism happened on Sunday night, as a staff member at the school earlier on Sunday did not see any damage.

Nichols says the school checked security cameras but the footage does not clearly show what happened.

The bus was previously vandalized in November 2019, when its windows were smashed. Three youths involved were also caught trying to steal guitars from the school’s music room earlier the same day.


Nichols said last year’s damage cost several thousand dollars to repair. The windows in question are smaller than those fitted to a regular bus and must be ordered from a specialist supplier.

A smashed Mildred Hall School bus window. Photo: Ryan Nichols

The bus is owned by the school and used to take students to on-the-land activities and other outings.

“They like riding the bus on field trips so obviously it’s disappointing for everybody,” Nichols said.


Field trips may have to be postponed or moved to locations nearer the school to ensure students can still get there.

Anyone with information about the incident can call the school at (867) 873-5811 and ask for Ryan Nichols.