NWT colleges sign agreement to work together more closely

Last modified: September 30, 2020 at 11:21am

Aurora College, Collège nordique francophone, and the Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning have signed an agreement to collaborate on NWT post-secondary education.

The agreement is designed to make post-secondary schooling stronger and more accessible, and to ensure the bodies align their work – such as sharing training, promoting secondments for staff between the three, and meeting more often to discuss future projects.

“Entering into this relationship takes into account the unique place our respective institutions hold within the NWT and will allow us to use each other’s strengths to better serve our students,” said Andy Bevan, the president of Aurora College.


Josée Clermont, executive director of Collège nordique francophone, said the school was “energized” by the agreement.

“We will take concerted action to put students first by working with our northern post-secondary colleagues to provide education and training solutions for employers looking to build talent in the NWT,” Clermont is quoted as saying.

Dr Kelsey Wrightson, executive director of the Dechinta Centre, said the schools can jointly work toward research benefits all northerners and encourages community participation.

“The legacy of this … will hopefully be the further mobilization of research and knowledge for our communities,” Wrightson said.

The agreement’s signing comes at a time of uncertainty for the NWT’s post-secondary sector.


Aurora College, the biggest of the three bodies, is in the process of a gradual transformation into a polytechnic university.

However, that transformation will not be complete for at least several years, and major elements of the shift – such as how each of the college’s campuses will be adapted to accommodate the change – remain to be determined.