NWT’s L’Aquilon and Radio Taïga to merge in 2021

Radio Taïga's Yellowknife office is pictured on October 17, 2020
Radio Taïga's Yellowknife office is pictured on October 17, 2020. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

L’Aquilon and Radio Taïga, two NWT French-language media outlets, will merge under a new parent organization – named Médias ténois – on January 1, 2021.

The decision was made at a meeting in September, Radio-Canada first reported. The two outlets expect operating as one will mean more efficient use of time and resources.

No positions are being eliminated. Newspaper L’Aquilon plans to hire a third journalist with newfound funds through the merger.

“It brings a lot of financial gain,” said Maxence Jaillet, director of both outlets, who expects tasks like completing funding applications and day-to-day management to be streamlined.



“L’Aquilon will always be out every week and Radio Taïga on every day,” he continued, noting output will not be affected.

“We’re really focusing on being able to better promote those two media. It’s only the entity behind it that is trying to be more efficient.”

The newly recruited third journalist will help Médias ténois “cover a bit more of the territory,” Jaillet said.

“Being able to provide better services to the residents the North, follow all the action that is happening here … and redirect our resources into more news and more connectivity with our readers and listeners, it’s a move that makes sense.”



The merger has been talked about for years, Jaillet said. Now it has the francophone community’s support, he is excited to see it happen.

“I’m happy 2021 will bring something really good,” he said.

Correction: October 19, 2020 – 14:01 MT. An earlier version of this article suggested news of the merger was first reported by L-Aquilon on September 24. It was in fact first reported by Radio-Canada, a day earlier.