Fort Smith artist’s work decorates this year’s Purolator boxes

Fort Smith artist Melanie Jewell is among 13 Canadians whose work graces this year’s Purolator holiday boxes.

The shipping company is releasing one limited-edition box design for each province and territory, available to anyone sending goods using the Purolator Express service.

Jewell’s work was selected to represent the Northwest Territories in the set.


In a news release on Monday, Jewell said the inspiration for her design was “to try to capture young northern Dene love.”

“I wanted to convey a feeling of wholesomeness and being connected as a family,” she said.

One side of Purolator’s NWT box shows a young couple with a baby. The other depicts what Jewell calls “an alternate universe with local mammals that live in my area.”

The Slave River appears in the background.

“I wanted to keep this box design whimsical and playful with moody winter colours throughout. I incorporated the Dene flower designs as it makes me feel safe and will always remind me of my home in the North,” she said.


Want a box? They’ll be available in early December. Purolator’s services can be accessed at two locations in Yellowknife: a shipping agent at 124 Kam Lake Road and the Staples store on Old Airport Road.

You can see all 13 designs, and upload your own, on this page.