Sixth Covid-19 case confirmed in Fort Liard

An electron microscope image of the coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 disease
An electron microscope image of the coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 disease. Felipe Esquivel Reed/Wikimedia

The NWT government confirmed a sixth Covid-19 case in Fort Liard late on Wednesday, a day of little other change to the territory’s pandemic numbers.

In an evening advisory, the territory said all six diagnoses in Fort Liard came from the same cluster originally connected to out-of-territory travel. The number of people isolating in relation to the cluster is steady at around 50.

“Public health is currently cautiously optimistic that the initial public health and health services response will control the situation in Fort Liard,” the territorial government said.

“However, we do still expect to see some more infections in the community in the coming days – and things can change very quickly.”



The territory’s confirmed overall case count among residents now stands at 31.

Fort Liard’s vaccination clinic begins on Thursday regardless of the cluster’s development.

It’ll run from 10:30am until 5pm. Exactly who will be welcome remained up in the air, even at this late stage.

“The vaccination team is coordinating with the rapid response team to determine the best way to coordinate those seeking vaccination with patient and contact management on the ground,” the NWT government’s advisory read.



“Additional information about which populations will be vaccinated on Thursday will be updated in the morning and information will be available at the health centre.

“Additional vaccine clinics will run on Friday and Saturday. Information on timing will be updated as soon as possible.”

There was no update of substance in Yellowknife, where last week’s Covid-19 case remains unexplained but there have been no new cases since.

There were no exposure advisories issued for any part of the territory.