NWT looks to expand homeownership opportunities

Yellowknife's Bison Hill apartments
Yellowknife's Bison Hill apartments. Photo: Northview REIT

The NWT Housing Corporation is introducing a program to help more residents become homeowners.

A lease-to-own policy will “support expanding homeownership through either the conversion of our homeownership renting portfolio or through the sale of public housing,” the corporation said in a news release.

The territorial government said that would mean providing the opportunity for people to purchase a range of 221 homes currently offered for rent.

The program will be available to “all income-earning families” who live in detached public housing and can afford to maintain and operate their own home, the corporation said.



“We must look for creative ways to address housing needs while creating opportunities for residents to become homeowners where possible,” housing minister Paulie Chinna was quoted as saying.

“The units will be in good condition and healthy and safe to occupy.  New homeowners will have full access to the NWT Housing Corporation’s repair programs, including access to building supplies and services from local housing organizations in communities where they are not available.”

The corporation said it was in the process of advising tenants whether they are eligible.