Around 40% of NWT adults now have first shot, 579 have received both

As of Monday, February 15, 579 NWT residents have received their second dose of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine and are considered fully inoculated against the disease.

The figures come from the territorial government’s Covid-19 dashboard, where vaccination numbers are updated weekly. So far, 13,578 residents have received one of the required two doses.

The NWT government has a stated aim of vaccinating 75 percent of the territory’s eligible adult population by the end of March, though the NWT’s health authority has appeared to tweak that commitment in some of its recent wording.


In an update last week, the health authority made no mention of the March target but said it was “well-positioned to provide both doses to 75 percent of the adult population well before other jurisdictions in Canada.”

Delays to shipments of the Moderna vaccine across Canada have meant some second-dose appointments in the NWT are being rescheduled. Residents are now expected to wait closer to six weeks between their two doses, rather than the originally planned four weeks.

The NWT government has declined to translate its 75-percent target into a fixed number of people, making it hard to precisely measure the territory’s progress.

According to the NWT Bureau of Statistics’ July 2020 estimate, there are 34,430 adults in the territory.

Using this number, that means 1.68 percent of adults are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and 39 percent have received one dose.


Both numbers are higher than the Canadian average as it stood on February 6, the latest date for which national figures are available. On that date, the federal government reports, 0.46 percent of the national population had received both doses while 1.97 percent had received one dose.

Residents and staff at NWT long-term care homes received their second dose of the vaccine in the first week of February. This week, second doses are being given in 10 of the NWT’s smaller communities.

In Yellowknife, another 1,500 vaccine slots for priority groups opened up on February 12.

As of 1:30pm on Tuesday, there were 30 appointment openings left that day and dozens of appointments still open for Wednesday through Saturday.