Norwegian Air Dreamliner diverts to Yellowknife Airport

Last modified: March 26, 2018 at 10:44am

Yellowknife Airport hosted an unusually large guest on Monday morning as a Norwegian Air Boeing 787 made an emergency diversion to the Northwest Territories.

The aircraft, nicknamed the Dreamliner, had been operating Norwegian Air flight 7113 from Rome to Los Angeles. The flight had been airborne for eight hours, and was over south-western Nunavut, when the pilots chose to divert.

The territory’s department of infrastructure said the flight had landed in Yellowknife in response to a medical emergency. Further details were not immediately available.


Dreamliners are extremely rare visitors to northern Canada, which does not host any scheduled flights operated by such a large aircraft. When Air Canada brought a Boeing 787 to Iqaluit for cold-weather testing in 2015, it made the local news.

A Boeing 787 of the type operating Norwegian flight 7113 would ordinarily carry around 250 passengers.