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Aurora College and Hotıì ts’eeda plan to start new journal

Aurora College's Thebacha campus is seen in a photo taken by Taylor Architecture Group
Aurora College's Thebacha campus is seen in a photo taken by Taylor Architecture Group.

Aurora College and research support group Hotıì ts’eeda say they have received $62,500 in federal funding to establish a journal focused on “the work of Indigenous scholars and northern science.”

The online journal – which the groups have not yet named – will be open-access and peer-reviewed with a majority-northern editorial board, according to a news release issued on Tuesday.

Work featured in the journal will be research that “impacts and is relevant to the peoples of the Northwest Territories,” the news release stated.

Though the journal won’t be the first to focus on northern research, Hotıì ts’eeda chair John B Zoe said its emphasis on traditional knowledge alongside western approaches would make it “unlike any standalone academic journal ever before.”



Yukon University currently operates The Northern Review, also peer-reviewed and open-access, which has a mandate to publish “research, commentaries, and book reviews that explore human experience in the North.”

As Aurora College works toward emulating Yukon University by transforming into a polytechnic university, president Andy Bevan said the journal would become “an important pillar in our mission to demonstrate leadership in the delivery of relevant and meaningful education and research rooted in strong connections to the northern land, tradition, community, and people.”

The money for the project comes from federal research agency the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Dr Pertice Moffitt, a research associate at the Aurora Research Institute, will lead the project, which is also supported by the Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning.

No date for the first publication of journal articles was provided.