One new Covid-19 case in Yellowknife, part of same cluster

An electron microscope image of the coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 disease
An electron microscope image of the coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 disease. Felipe Esquivel Reed/Wikimedia

The NWT government said on Sunday one new case of Covid-19 has been identified in Yellowknife. The city’s sixth case of the week is connected to cases already reported.

In a news release, the territorial government said five cases are now part of the same cluster in the city. Another case, first reported on Friday, is linked to international travel.

Sunday’s announcement contained no further public exposure warnings and there is no suggestion that the city is yet facing an outbreak. This week’s cases were all connected to travel of some form.

Around 90 people are now considered contacts of the same cluster of five cases. All have been notified. The case related to international travel had no contacts and isn’t connected to that cluster.



There are still eight active cases of Covid-19 in the NWT as of Sunday morning. Six are in Yellowknife, two are in Fort Smith, and one older case is no longer considered active.

There remains no word on the results of analysis to determine whether any of this week’s cases are variants of concern.

Regarding a Canadian North exposure advisory issued on Saturday, the NWT’s chief public health officer said the risk in Yellowknife was minimal. The advisory referred to a flight from Iqaluit to Rankin Inlet that connected to Yellowknife and Edmonton.

“There were seven individuals on Canadian North Flight 239 who disembarked in Yellowknife upon arrival. Public health has followed up with all individuals. NWT residents who disembarked will be required to self-isolate and get tested,” Dr Kami Kandola said.

“Anyone who disembarked in Yellowknife who was only staying for 24 hours or less have been self-isolating and will be repatriated to their home province or territory. There is no risk to the public identified at this time.”