Somebody, somewhere in the NWT, forgot to claim $100,000

You know that relative who always plays the lotto? They need to check their tickets, stat.

Since October 7, 2017, the holder of an EXTRA entry bought somewhere in the Northwest Territories has been sitting on $100,000 they have failed to claim from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

The corporation maintains a webpage listing significant prizes yet to be claimed. Once three months have passed since the draw date, the page is updated with details – not enough to identify the exact community or name the holder, but enough to know someone bought a ticket in the NWT then forgot to check it, or lost it, or was otherwise prevented from claiming the money.


From the information provided, it appears the ticket was bought in a community other than Yellowknife. The corporation lists the city in which a ticket was bought if it’s a major city – Yellowknife being one such city, the page states – but only lists the province or territory if the ticket was bought outside those cities.

The ticket in question is listed simply as being bought in “the Northwest Territories” on October 7 last year. We also know the winning EXTRA numbers for you to check: 1319783.

EXTRA tickets expire one year from the draw date, so the mystery participant has until October this year to contact the corporation and make the claim. After that, your cash evaporates.

By the way, if you think $100,000 is bad, check your tickets if you bought any in Alberta recently. There are two unclaimed prizes from Alberta tickets worth $1 million each, among a host of other smaller wins.