Brig-Gen Mike Nixon prepares to hand over JTFN command

Last modified: April 21, 2018 at 11:52pm

Brigadier-General Mike Nixon will relinquish command of Yellowknife-based Joint Task Force (North) at the end of April.

In a scheduled move, Brig-Gen Nixon – who assumed command of JTFN from Maj-Gen Greg Loos in 2015 – will retire. His successor will be Brig-Gen JBP Carpentier, formerly assigned to US-Canadian air protection agency NORAD.

During brief remarks at a function for JTFN and RCMP members on Saturday evening, Brig-Gen Nixon said he had five days remaining in post. He was welcomed to the podium by a standing ovation from attendees in the Chateau Nova Hotel’s ballroom.


His departure from the position had been fixed for some time and was first reported earlier this year in an account of last August’s Operation Nanook, an annual Arctic military exercise.

Brig-Gen Nixon served in Bosnia, Croatia, and Somalia in the 1990s before becoming ISAF’s chief of operations and, later, commandant of the Armour School in Gagetown, New Brunswick.

He joined Joint Task Force (North) in July 2015, representing his first assignment north of the 60th parallel.