Yellowknife’s Copperhouse eatery and lounge has declared itself officially open.

After several weeks of trial sessions involving select Yellowknife residents and a grand opening held last week, the restaurant announced via email it will open to the public as of 4pm on Friday.

“Finally open!” confirmed the email, in large text.

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In a subsequent news release, co-owner Mark Henry said: “We wanted to give Yellowknife something really special – an experience you can’t find anywhere else in the city.”

The restaurant, which holds up to 130 people, requires reservations by email – including the day and time required and the number of people.

“Our plan is to make this a short term policy,” the restaurant staff advised Cabin Radio. “We’ve watched other new businesses open up in YK and have noticed a trend, long line ups! We thought that this might help our patrons, during opening weeks, enjoy their experience a little more.”

Opening hours are 4pm-10pm from Tuesday to Thursday, 4pm-11pm on Friday and Saturday, and 4pm-9pm on Sunday. Copperhouse is closed on Mondays.

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