Aghast Yellowknifers collectively refuse to start day

Last modified: May 8, 2018 at 7:32am

Yellowknife residents looking outside have unanimously agreed to abandon Tuesday, May 8.

The city’s population awoke to thick, sloppy snow hurling itself gleefully upon the innocent community – despite winter having ended weeks ago by any reasonable person’s standards.

Weather forecasters, who told you it was coming but you didn’t want to believe them, drank smugly from warm coffee mugs.


By 6:30am, residents had worked quickly to email their managers, turn off their alarms, and remain asleep until Wednesday at the earliest.

“No,” said the city’s mayor, Mark Heyck, via Twitter.

The day got even worse as (and this is actual news) The Fat Fox, which is already set to close down its current location later this month, could not open owing to damage from overnight rain.

Cabin Radio will broadcast live from The Fat Fox on Friday, May 11, for a “Fox and Friends” special paying tribute to the café as it prepares to close and search for a new home. Or at least we will if it stops snowing and we can go outside again.

Tune in from 7am till 9am on Friday. You can listen live to Cabin Radio here or search your app store for “Cabin Radio”.


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