Family Feud Canada seeks NWT contestants for third season

Do you and your family have what it takes to compete on Family Feud?

Producers of the televised game show are looking for “fun, dynamic, competitive” families across Canada to participate in the third season of the series – and they want the NWT to be represented. 

“We’re looking for all types of personalities,” supervising casting producer Donia Aly told Cabin Radio, adding they want “a lot of energy” and “a competitive spirit.” 


“Part of what makes the show special is just the inclusivity and all the representation that we see on the show.”

Along with having their travel and accommodation covered by Family Feud Canada, contestants can win up to $30,000 in prize money. 

“It’s an unforgettable experience,” Aly said. “It’s something fun you can do with your family. You will be able to cherish these memories for ever and ever.” 

A Yellowknife family won big in the first season of the Canadian series, which debuted in 2019. 

Aaron Hernandez, also known as hip hop artist Godson, and his family won more than $20,000 over three episodes according to CBC, after they were selected among those who auditioned during a casting call in Yellowknife


Aly said families outside Ontario were not included in the second season of Family Feud Canada because of pandemic restrictions. Filming for the third season is planned for September to November in Toronto with Covid-19 testing, social distancing, and personal protective equipment in place. 

Family Feud Canada is based on the long-running US series Family Feud, where families compete to guess the most popular answers to survey questions like “name something you might bring on a date.” 

To be eligible to participate in the third season, applicants must be a family of five who permanently live in Canada and are over 18 years of age. That can include immediate, extended, and even chosen family.

“Go get your best five family members – actually get your five worst because that’s more fun for me, when they are awful,” host Gerry Dee, a Canadian actor and comedian, said in a video posted to Twitter

Anyone interested is encouraged to apply online and submit an audition video. 

Aly said families should introduce themselves, explain why they’re proud to represent their home community, what makes them unique, what they plan to do with the prize money, and include any “epic family stories” or “unique quirky traditions” they want to share. 

“Don’t hesitate. We want you to apply, we want to meet you,” she said. “Just go for it.”