Diver finds ‘explosive device’ under Yellowknife bridge

Last modified: July 19, 2021 at 3:32pm

When Jeremy MacDonald saw wires sticking out of an old Molson beer can he found while scuba diving, he called RCMP to investigate.

MacDonald, an avid diver and creator of Yellowknife’s Shit I Found Diving in YK Facebook page, said he and a friend made the discovery while collecting trash during a scuba dive under the Yellowknife River Bridge.

“I thought it was a piece of garbage with some sediment in it,” MacDonald told Cabin Radio.


The collected trash sat in MacDonald’s truck in his yard from Wednesday until Saturday, when he began sorting through what had been pulled from the river.

Only then did he realize what he had picked up.

MacDonald said the wires sticking out of the Molson can caught his attention.

“The wires turned out to be blasting caps, which are still live,” said MacDonald.


“There was a bunch of paste inside it, which might have been gunpowder, but because it was underwater that’s all wrecked now.”

After alerting RCMP, MacDonald said an explosive ordnance disposal team from Alberta was being dispatched to investigate the device.

While the assembly, which MacDonald termed a bomb, sat in his back yard surrounded by police tape, MacDonald said he was enjoying a glass of water and some cheesies.

“It’s not a huge threat. I think it’s just kind-of a unique thing,” he said.

MacDonald said he suspected someone may have been trying to make an explosion in the water, and the device would not have been enough to inflict harm or cause damage. An “epic prank more than public safety” is how he described what might have happened.

“Alberta RCMP Explosives Disposal Unit attended the location on July 18 and disposed of the device without incident,” RCMP told Cabin Radio in an email on Monday.

“There is no criminal investigation and the file is now closed.”