GNWT to give $1.7M to environmental monitoring projects

The territorial government has announced $1.7 million in funding for 28 projects to monitor the environment and research wildlife in the NWT.

The cash is being distributed through the GNWT’s Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program, which gives out such funding annually following recommendations made by a steering committee comprising members of Indigenous governments, co-management boards, and the territorial and federal governments.

Caribou, fish, and water are considered as priority areas.


According to a news release issued on Wednesday, three of this year’s projects are focused on Indigenous knowledge, 24 are focused on western science, and two combine both.

Nine of this year’s projects are new, 10 are partially complete, and the remaining nine are in their final year.

Results from research and monitoring are published on the NWT Discovery Portal website, Wednesday’s news release stated, and used to “provide valuable knowledge for resource managers, governments, and communities to inform decision-making” around land and water.