NWT’s Conservative candidate skips Cabin Radio live forum

The NWT’s Conservative candidate in this month’s federal election chose not to attend Thursday evening’s Cabin Radio live candidates’ forum.

All four other candidates took part. Conservative Lea Mollison, however, contacted the station earlier on Thursday to say she “unfortunately will not be able to participate.”

Mollison provided no further detail and did not respond to multiple attempts to reach her throughout the day.


Mollison is said by the Conservatives to be a Thunder Bay-based mother of three who works at a breast-screening clinic. Her connection to the NWT, if any, has yet to be made clear.

In 2019, the Conservatives placed second behind Liberal Michael McLeod. The Conservative candidate – Yellowknife banker Yanik D’Aigle, who took part in that year’s live broadcast – received 25.8 percent of the vote to McLeod’s 40 percent.

McLeod, NDP candidate Kelvin Kotchilea, Green candidate Roland Laufer, and independent Jane Groenewegen all took part in Thursday’s live 90-minute broadcast.