Avens reports four active Covid-19 cases, all ‘doing fine’

Avens, the group of Yellowknife seniors’ facilities, reported four active Covid-19 cases on Tuesday as a localized outbreak of the disease continues.

While Yellowknife already faces a broader, citywide outbreak – there were 220 active cases in the municipality and surrounding communities as of Monday – the NWT government declared a separate outbreak at an Avens building on Thursday last week.

One cases was reported at the time, enough to trigger an outbreak declaration at a long-term care facility under the NWT’s definition of the term.


Avens said in a Tuesday news release that number had now grown to four after testing of all staff and residents. The four are “doing fine with minor to zero symptoms,” chief executive Daryl Dolynny wrote.

“Facility outbreak protocols are being followed and testing of all Avens facilities are now occurring on a four-day rotating schedule or until further direction from the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer,” Dolynny continued.

“With decisive action,” he wrote, “we feel we have contained any further transmission.”

Dolynny stressed the need for vaccination to beat the disease, emphasizing “strong uptake” of vaccines against Covid-19 at Avens facilities, though figures regarding vaccination among staff and residents were not provided.