Empowerment, Proposals, Ruts, and Aftercare

What’s sexual empowerment? What’s a sexual empowerment coach? What does a good sex life even look like?

On tonight’s show, I’m joined by Sexual Empowerment Coach Jessica Budgell, a former Yellowknifer who is working in the burgeoning field of sexual empowerment coaching. What is that? Well, it’s coaching somebody with the goal to help them live their best sex life – and their best overall life. How does it happen? WELL, Jessica has some really interesting things to talk about, including the impact that shame is having on our sex lives, as a society. She shares some expertise about common barriers that people experience, and the different ways that she might help somebody move past those blocks – emotional, physical, spiritual – in order to become really in touch with their own sexual selves.

For Question Period tonight, I’m joined by Yellowknife’s Best Bartender Skye Plowman! We tackle ambition mismatches, special days for special questions, sex for new parents, supporting a stressed out, overworked partner, and reigniting old flames. AND AFTERCARE.


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This is going to be a topic on an upcoming show, and we’ll go deep. In the meantime: AFTERCARE IS IMPORTANT.

I can’t vouch for this website, or the author of this document, but it provides some insight into the kind of care a submissive partner might need from a dominant.