Pac-Man duels ghosts in Stanton hospital’s windows

Gamers of the 1980s, if you have to make a trip to Yellowknife’s hospital this weekend, there will at least be some small consolation.

This Halloween, Pac-Man can be seen continuing his relentless battle with local ghosts across Stanton Territorial Hospital’s windows. There is even a fruit bonus or two to be had.

Kirsten Berg, director of operations and allied health, is responsible.


Berg was trying to prank a colleague when she came across art using sticky notes on Pinterest.

“It evolved from there and grew its own legs,” Berg told Cabin Radio on Friday. “Right above Emergency there is a ghost and cherries. As you go from the main door on the second floor, Pac-Man is trying to evade some ghosts and there are another couple of cherries.”

Pac-Man sticky note art
Pac-Man sticky note art. Photo: Kirsten Berg

Though Berg acknowledged she is a child of the ’80s, she added she was never particularly good at Pac-Man. If the character gets into a tricky spot somewhere on the fourth floor windows later, Berg is unlikely to save the day.

“I didn’t play a lot of Pac-Man, but I thought it would be easily recognized by most people,” she said, “and the pixel art really lends itself nicely to Post-it Notes. And then having Halloween coming up, the ghosts really felt on point.”

How long Pac-Man can survive in the hospital windows is not clear. A previous Berg attempt at a Post-it pineapple was short-lived.


For however long he dodges ghosts and janitorial staff, Berg hopes Pac-Man at least lifts some spirits after a hard time at the hospital during the NWT’s fall Covid-19 pandemic.

“We wanted to have a bit of fun,” she said. “It’s been a really hard few months for us at the hospital, and it’s just trying to find ways to brighten people’s days.”

A full Pac-Man scene at Stanton
A full Pac-Man scene at Stanton. Photo: Kirsten Berg