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Inuvik’s swimming pool should reopen at last this spring

Inuvik’s pool, closed to the public since the pandemic’s onset in an attempt to fix lingering issues, may finally be near to reopening.

Providing an update to council on Monday, town senior administrator Grant Hood said pool renovations are nearly complete.

“We’re making very good progress on the rehabilitation project,” Hood said.


“Like any renovation, as you go along, sometimes you hit a few unknowns and have to sit back and alter course a little bit.

“We’ve encountered a few of those items, but that was sort-of partially expected.”

Hood said construction and testing of the pool is expected to end around March 29, after which the pool will be handed back for the town to ensure there are no leaks or issues.

In an email to Cabin Radio, Hood said the pool is set to reopen in late April unless there are challenges finding staff.

The pool closed when Covid-19 reached the NWT as a safety measure. The town subsequently took the opportunity to begin addressing longstanding concerns that an October 2020 assessment declared could not be quickly fixed.


Initially, the pool was set to reopen within six months of work commencing. The reopening date has since been pushed back.

The federal government provided $750,000 in funding to help Inuvik complete work on the pool in May 2021. The town said it couldn’t work on the project until that funding arrived.

The need for additional work and the disrupted global supply chain added further delays.

“It’s been a bit of a long-term pain, but some long-term pain for longer-term enjoyment – how about we put it that way,” Hood said to council.