Village of Fort Simpson to stop operating shelter after March 31

The Village of Fort Simpson will end its role operating the community’s warming shelter when funding expires on March 31.

Some council members have already indicated the village should no longer be the sole entity in charge of the facility next year, asking instead for a transition to another operator for the shelter.

Village senior administrator Kevin Corrigan confirmed on Monday the village will stop operating the shelter at the end of the month. Shelter operations received $200,000 in funding for this winter from the NWT Housing Corporation.


“My hope is that the village can take a step back and focus on other priorities,” said Corrigan, “and that others will step forward and take a lead with the shelter.”

Corrigan said some people affected by last year’s flooding depended on the shelter but homes for them are starting to reach the community.

The majority of those affected, he said, “will be moving into new homes and will be taken care of by the end of March.”

Staff are trying to find help for the remaining shelter users through NWT government agencies.

“With the temperatures warming up and a number of these folks being taken care of by March, the urgency of the shelter won’t be as bad as it has been,” Corrigan said.


Corrgian told Cabin Radio if volunteers choose to run the shelter past March 31, they will need to find funding and come to an agreement with the owner of the shelter’s building, or find a new location.

A public meeting to discuss ideas for the facility planned for last week was cancelled. The village’s mayor said a replacement meeting could still happen at a later date.

Regarding shelter operation in future winters, Corrigan said he has had discussions with “a number of individuals who are interested in setting up a non-profit organization, as well as other existing organizations who may be interested in being involved in the future.”