Norman Wells prepares to celebrate Spring Fling

As the days get longer and temperatures get warmer, residents in Norman Wells are gearing up to celebrate their annual spring carnival. 

Taking place from March 25 to 27, Spring Fling will feature a variety of events from pancake breakfasts and Dene games to a sliding hill. 

“I hope that everyone will get out and enjoy themselves,” Norman Wells Mayor Frank Pope said. “It’s been kind-of a tough few years around here.”


This year’s Spring Fling will not only celebrate the return of spring but also the end of gathering restrictions in the NWT.

“It’s so quiet up here we kind-of need those things to do,” said Cody Wheeler, the town’s parks and recreation coordinator. 

A resident shows off their snow sculpture during Spring Fling 2021. Photo: Town of Norman Wells

“I think it’s going to be a hit this year,” added Myles Elb, the recreation manager for Noman Wells. 

Wheeler built the sliding hill, sure to be a highlight of the weekend. He said he used a whole soccer field of snow and plans to add ice to increase speed for sliders. 

“Just seeing happy kids, hearing that people had fun, that’s the reason why we’re doing this,” he said.


On Friday afternoon, which has been declared a civic holiday in the town, teams will face off at a curling bonspiel. That will include a challenge between government and corporate employees and one between teachers and students. Residents can also enjoy a barbecue. 

Other highlights of the carnival will include snow sculpting, a winter camp display, dances, and traditional food.