Breakup 2022: NWT river and flood updates

A property on Hay River's Vale Island on May 7, 2022
A property on Hay River's Vale Island on May 7, 2022. Photo: Édith Vachon-Raymond

Our day-by-day updates on river conditions on this page have concluded for the 2022 flood season. You can track the remainder of the season, and the aftermath in Hay River, via our homepage.

On this page, we provided updates from the territorial government, community governments and other organizations as the ice broke and communities preparde.

Devastating floods hit communities like Fort Simpson and Jean Marie River in 2021. This year, various levels of government have mounted a concerted effort to better prepare for another disaster. Even so, Hay River was extraordinarily badly hit.

Near-record water levels and snowpack depths had been reported in some parts of the territory prior to breakup. There was concern that flooding could once again occur along the Hay River, Mackenzie River and Liard River, but this time Fort Simpson appeared to have been spared.



How the flood season evolves always depends primarily on ice jams as river ice breaks up, a phenomenon that can be difficult to accurately predict.

If you want to contribute photos or video or tell us your experience of the 2022 flood season, you can contact our newsroom by email or message us on Facebook.