Fort Simpson declares end to 2022 flood risk

Last modified: May 11, 2022 at 12:14pm

The risk of flooding in Fort Simpson is over, the village said on Wednesday morning as water levels around the community continued to drop.

Posting to the village’s website, oficials stated the local emergency management organization was “declaring the flood risk for 2022 breakup officially over,” a year after damaging floods displaced 700 residents.

“There is still quite a bit of ice yet to come on the Mackenzie River and the water level may rise when that comes, but we are confident that the risk of water rising to flood level is over,” the village stated on Wednesday.


The water level rose to its highest yet this season – 11.43m – on Tuesday afternoon, but had subsided to below 10m by 9pm that night and kept dropping on Wednesday. Hydrologists said the situation on Tuesday was “well within safe levels.”

By comparison, floodwater in Simpson peaked beyond 16m last year and an evacuation order was triggered at 14m.

“Temperatures are forecast to return to normal for the next five days,” the Department of Environment and Natural Resources said at 4pm on Tuesday.

Jean Marie River remained on flood watch on Wednesday morning, but said water levels remained “well below” the threshold that would trigger an evacuation.

Updates are being posted at 10am and 3pm daily to the community’s Facebook page.