To defeat vandals, election candidate becomes wizard

Last modified: September 25, 2018 at 12:05am

After vandals attacked his sign, he delivered a spellbinding comeback.

Chris Gillander, a candidate in October’s Yellowknife municipal election, faced a dilemma when one of his signs was vandalized with purple, white, and orange spray paint.

Whoever attacked the sign had added a purple devil’s trident, a scruffy, white beard, and an orange tag in the bottom right-hand corner.


The graffiti didn’t seem to be coming off, and Gillander did not have the budget to go and get another made.

His solution: cover up the graffiti… by turning himself into a wizard reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings’ Gandalf.

Spraying over the vandals’ work, Gillander turned the trident into a wizard’s staff, expanded the graffiti beard into one of truly magical length, and added a hat for good measure. He covered over the orange tag with his own initials.

“Gandalf is making the best of a bad situation,” Gillander told Cabin Radio by phone on Monday evening.

An election sign belonging to Chris Gillander appears in its vandalized form
An election sign belonging to Chris Gillander appears in its vandalized form.

Referring to his campaign volunteers, he added: “We looked at it this morning, and between us we decided this was the best way to go.


“The graffiti that was on there already had a bit of a framing to go the ‘wizard’ route.”

The depiction was fitting, he said, adding: “I’m a bit of a nerd, myself.”

Gillander’s travails follow news of Niels Konge, another election candidate, cleaning the signs of some rivals after they had been similarly attacked last week.