Fort Simpson installs speed bumps to slow down drivers

After a number of speeding incidents, Fort Simpson Public Works has taken steps to slow down drivers on the village’s roads.

While the installation of speed bumps prompts outcry and pitchforks in other cities, residents of Fort Simpson welcomed the new additions with open arms.

A Facebook post announcing the change has prompted a wave of positive messages from residents, with many saying measures to control speeding in the area are long overdue.


The issue was first brought forward by Councillor Muaz Hassan, after which SAO Kevin Corrigan and Public Works worked together to come up with a quick – and, they hope, effective – solution.

“Hassan brought the issue up after hearing from residents that there were a couple of close calls in that corner in front of the daycare,” said Mayor Sean Whelly.

“People tend to forget that it’s a school zone. And when kids are being picked up or dropped off especially, there’s always the chance they could come up from behind a vehicle. And just in general, at that age, you can turn your back for a second, and they’re in harm’s way.”

Whelly shares that the while current speed bumps are portable and temporary due to concerns about how they will impact plowing the roads in the winter, they already seem to be working.

“I see people coming to almost a complete stop before they go over them, going down to almost five kilometres an hour,” he said.


Public Works will be monitoring how the speed bumps impact speeding in the community.