Dog shot in Hay River sent to Yellowknife for treatment

A Hay River dog believed by shelter staff to have been shot is being flown to Yellowknife for veterinary care.

Kori Bourne, manager of Hay River’s animal shelter, said she had been told the dog was shot on Thursday evening by someone on Kátł’odeeche First Nation land.

The dog’s owners brought him to the Hay River SPCA the next morning, Bourne said, where she had a chance to inspect the wound.


“When I saw it, I was just like, ‘oh boy, that definitely needs to get checked out by a vet.’ Like, there’s no question. It’s so deep,” said Bourne by phone on Friday.

The dog is in a stable condition and awaiting a ride from Air Tindi on Friday evening, Bourne said, after which he will be taken to Yellowknife’s shelter for care and further treatment.

Nicky Spencer at the NWT SPCA in Yellowknife initially reported on Facebook that the dog appeared to have been shot with a rubber bullet. Spencer said little was known about what had taken place.

After seeing the wound, Bourne said, she felt certain it was “definitely not a rubber bullet.”

Air Tindi has offered to fly the dog to Yellowknife from Hay River for free on its Friday evening service.


“He’s a very, very sweet dog,” said Bourne.

RCMP have been contacted for comment.