Cabin Radio welcomes correspondence from readers about our reporting and issues affecting people across the Northwest Territories.

After receiving feedback from hundreds of readers, we recently chose to close commenting on most Facebook posts. We now invite readers with important perspectives on our reporting to submit messages for publication.

If you’d like to respond to an article we have published, you can email to reach our editorial team. Correspondence received is reviewed by our editorial team and a selection is published to our website on a regular basis.

All correspondence for publication should indicate your real name and, where relevant, your profession or connection to the subject matter. If you are responding to an article we have published, please provide the title of the article in your message. Correspondence can be as long or short as you like.

Important: We will assume any message sent to is submitted for publication unless you indicate otherwise. If you wish to contact us but do not want your message to be published, we recommend that you write to or use another means of contacting us instead.

We reserve the right to select the correspondence we publish. Not all correspondence is published, and some correspondence may be edited for length or clarity. Correspondence containing abusive or defamatory material will not be published. You can also choose to use our public Facebook group to discuss issues.

If writing about a sensitive matter, you may request anonymity. If you request anonymity, we guarantee your message will not be published with your real name or any identifying information attached. However, we do require that you provide your name so we are able to establish the authenticity of your correspondence and, if necessary, contact you privately.

(If you are looking to provide a news tip anonymously, that process is different. You can use a variety of means to reach us and you don’t necessarily need to include your name.)