Black bear sightings reported in central Yellowknife

A sign warns of a bear in the Tin Can Hill area
A file photo of a sign warning of a bear in the Tin Can Hill area in August 2019. Emelie Peacock/Cabin Radio

Residents in Yellowknife’s Niven Lake and Gitzel Street areas reported black bear sightings on Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

Jim Gardiner shared video footage of a bear seen clambering up a tree next to the Niven trail at around 10:20pm on Monday. He said the sighting had been reported to wildlife officers.

“It growled at us, but we are safe,” Gardiner wrote, advising that residents “be cautious about late-night walks.”

Footage of a bear along the Niven trail submitted by Jim Gardiner.

“I just saw a black bear walking down the path from the parking lot right outside our house on Gitzel Street,” Jenny Pohl said early on Tuesday by email.



“He was ambling towards the walking trail taking himself for a walk. It was just after 5am and it looked very handsome and gentle. Not a cub but not huge.”

The territorial government maintains a bear safety webpage including safety tips and contact information for reporting bears in communities.