Big night forecast for August aurora over NWT

A geomagnetic storm watch could lead to some impressive late summer aurora-viewing in parts of the Northwest Territories on Wednesday night.

Astronomy North, which tracks geomagnetic storm forecasts, said on its website: “Watch for periods of active auroras this evening and overnight, with peak activity expected near midnight.”

The organization estimated an 85-percent chance of overnight aurora viewing late Wednesday into Thursday, with a significant chance of a light show lingering into Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.


The northern lights have already made appearances in the early hours this month as the NWT’s skies darken sufficiently to allow the phenomenon to be seen.

A map on Astronomy North’s website suggests much of Canada could have a shot at seeing the lights on Wednesday night, with NWT residents in the Sahtu and below in with a good chance.

Most parts of the NWT are forecast to enjoy a clear night – the second, vital component of any aurora-viewing experience.