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Bear put down after breaking into Yellowknife home

A sign warns of a bear in the Tin Can Hill area
A file photo of a sign warning of a bear in the Tin Can Hill area in August 2019. Emelie Peacock/Cabin Radio


A bear was killed by a wildlife officer early on Monday morning after breaking into one Yellowknife home and attempting to enter two others.

Officers were called to an apartment building on Forrest Drive at 1:30am after reports of a bear that “showed no fear to humans,” Department of Environment and Natural Resources spokesperson Mike Westwick stated by email.

Westwick said the bear had “ripped a huge hole in a window and entered one apartment where residents were present, and attempted to enter two others.”



Because of the “clear, immediate risk to public safety,” Westwick said, the large, male bear was put down.

Staff “stayed on scene and informed residents nearby of what had happened afterward as the gunshots were very loud,” Westwick continued.

“This was an extremely stressful situation for all involved, and we want to offer our best to residents affected – and thank them for their cooperation as we responded.”

The department said bears can become bolder as summer ends and they try to fatten up for the winter, meaning residents should be particularly aware of the threat posed and keep anything that could attract a bear inside or in a bear-proof container.

Setting out steps residents can take, the department said garbage should be kept inside or in a shed if not in a bear-proof container, animals shouldn’t be harvested near to cabins or homes, and berry bushes should either be harvested as soon as they are ready or planted away from homes.

The department said petroleum products and automobile fluid can also be bear attractants and shouldn’t be left outside.