No update following death at downtown Yellowknife apartment

RCMP say there is no progress to report regarding their investigation into a suspicious death in downtown Yellowknife last month.

A man passed away in an apartment complex early on the morning of Saturday, August 20. RCMP said on the same day they considered the death to be suspicious and had called in a forensics team.

Neither the building in question nor the individual who passed away were identified.


No arrests were made at the time, police said.

Asked on Wednesday for an update on the investigation, an RCMP spokesperson said: “We do not have any additional information to provide at this time. The matter remains under investigation and we will share more information when we can.”

Investigations into suspicious deaths in the NWT can be complicated by a months-long wait for autopsy results in some cases.

Following an April 2020 suspicious death in a Yellowknife apartment building – a death first described by police in similar fashion to their characterization of the August 20 incident – 19 months elapsed before a manslaughter charge was filed and the public knew any more about what had taken place.