NWT expands use of bivalent two-in-one Covid-19 vaccine

The Northwest Territories is broadening its use of a form of vaccine against Covid-19 that targets both older and newer strains of the virus responsible.

What is known as a bivalent vaccine, targeting more than one kind of the virus, is now widely available in some parts of Canada but has been in limited supply in the North.

The NWT has been running a fall vaccination campaign based partly on using older vaccines to make up the shortfall.


On Friday, the territory’s health authority said the bivalent vaccine is now available to anyone aged over 50 and a range of at-risk individuals aged five to 64. (See the authority’s statement for full details.)

Previously, the age limit had been set at 65 and up rather than 50.

Anyone else going for their Covid-19 vaccine is likely to receive an older form of the shot, though the territory has repeatedly stressed that those original vaccines still remain highly effective in preventing serious illness.

Meanwhile, Chief Public Health Officer Dr Kami Kandola had her flu shot in front of reporters on Friday morning in a bid to publicize the NWT’s fall influenza vaccination campaign.

You can get your Covid-19 and flu shots at the same time. Visit the NWT health authority’s website for a list of clinics or, if you’re in Yellowknife, book an appointment online.