Inuvik Wind Generation project receives $40 million

The Inuvik Wind Generation project is to receive $40 million in funding from the federal government’s new Arctic Energy Fund and the territorial government.

The project will be the first to receive money under the federal fund, created to support energy security in northern communities.

The Arctic Energy Fund will supply $30 million of the funding; the remaining $10 million is to be contributed by the territory.


“The Inuvik Wind Generation project will develop an energy system that will include the installation of wind turbines, a grid controller, and a large battery storage system to generate energy when the wind slows down,” stated an Infrastructure Canada press release.

“It also includes the construction of a five-kilometre access road from the Dempster Highway to the project site, and connections to the local electric grid.”

The governments believe the project will lower greenhouse gas emissions through reduced diesel use, and will “provide a more efficient, reliable and cleaner source of energy” for Inuvik.

In May, the NWT announced initiatives to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent below 2005 levels.

At the time, Andrew Stewart, the territory’s director of energy, said, “We’d like to submit [the Inuvik wind project] to the federal government machinery in the next couple of months and see what spits out.”


The territory has said installing wind turbines in Inuvik would meet 36 percent of its goal to reduce diesel emissions.