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Family makes million-dollar donation to Stanton Foundation

An image released by the Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation shows the Eggenberger family making its million-dollar donation.

The family that operates Yellowknife’s liquor stores is making a $1-million donation to the Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation.

The gift from Albert and Gladys Eggenberger and their family is the largest personal donation in the foundation’s history, the foundation said in a news release announcing the sum on Tuesday.

“You certainly hear about these kinds of donations elsewhere, but never think to hope it would happen here,” said Patty Olexin-Lang, the foundation’s executive director.

“What an incredible and monumental early Christmas gift.”



The Eggenbergers moved to Yellowknife in 1961 according to the foundation’s news release. They first built a pool hall and dairy, subsequently owned a lodge and tourism business, have been involved in property development, and now operate each of the city’s two liquor stores.

“The Northwest Territories has been very good to us,” Albert Eggenberger was quoted as saying.

“Our family has thrived here, and we have watched Yellowknife grow into the city it is today.

“Volunteering for and giving back to our community, and especially the foundation, is important to us, as we contribute to a legacy of enhanced services within the hospital. We are grateful to have such incredible healthcare accessible when needed.”

The foundation said at least some of the donation is set to support extended care and equipment that helps patient recovery.

“The family made the choice to make the substantial financial gift in the hope of inspiring others to donate to the foundation during the holiday season,” Tuesday’s news release concluded.