Stephanie Whitecloud-Brass becomes Territorial Court judge

Stephanie Whitecloud-Brass in an image uploaded to LinkedIn
Stephanie Whitecloud-Brass in an image uploaded to LinkedIn.

Stephanie Whitecloud-Brass, of the Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation in southeastern Saskatchewan, is the newest Territorial Court judge in the NWT.

Justice minister RJ Simpson announced the appointment of Whitecloud-Brass on Wednesday. The territory said she becomes a judge after 14 years as a lawyer.

Whitecloud-Brass has spent the past five and a half years working as a legal aid criminal defence lawyer in the NWT.

A Wednesday press release stated she has also served as counsel for claimants under the Indian residential schools settlement agreement, as counsel at the city solicitor’s office in Saskatoon, and in various roles at the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations.



The territory noted her work as a volunteer barrister and solicitor for a program supporting young mothers in Saskatchewan.

Her appointment as a Territorial Court judge took effect on Tuesday. She replaces Garth Malakoe, who retired in the summer. The court’s other judges are Chief Judge Robert Gorin, Judge Jeannie Scott and Judge Donovan Molloy.

“She has demonstrated her skills as a criminal lawyer and has made significant contributions to the practice of law,” Simpson said of Whitecloud-Brass in a statement.

“I am confident she will serve the people of Northwest Territories well as a member of the Territorial Court.”