Closing down, a Yellowknife church leaves a fund as its legacy

A Yellowknife church is launching a fund for vulnerable people after holding its final service in the city and ending a 50-year history.

The Holy Family Lutheran Church met for the final time at its Northern United Place chapel on December 18, saying the shrinking size of its congregation was no longer sustainable.

As a parting gift, the church is establishing the Holy Family Lutheran Legacy Fund.


“The purpose of the fund will be to support addressing homelessness and food insecurity, and to support providing family violence interventions and to help marginalized populations in the Yellowknife area,” the Yellowknife Community Foundation, which will administer the fund, said in a press release.

“Organizations will have the opportunity to apply to the fund on an annual basis for a grant of up to $10,000.”

The church, in a statement, said the fund would be its legacy.

“Our members have worked together and with other local organizations to be God’s open arms for close to 50 years here in the city of Yellowknife,” said Cathie Bolstad, chairperson of the Holy Family Lutheran Church.

“The church should welcome and embrace all people who come just as they are as we celebrate God’s love and grace. We have created this legacy fund so that our mission activities live on, even after our small church is closed.”


The ministry will formally close on December 31.

The Yellowknife Community Foundation said the funds would “make a meaningful impact for those most vulnerable groups in our Yellowknife community.”