Bell preparing Yellowknife test for new helicopter – report

Bell Helicopters is reported to be planning NWT cold-weather testing for its new Bell 525 Relentless series early in 2019.

The Relentless is billed as the world’s first commercial helicopter with fly-by-wire flight controls – which replace older, bulkier control sticks with smaller joysticks and full-time computer control.

Aviation analyst FlightGlobal reported Bell will send two Relentless helicopters to Yellowknife early next year.


Bell is working toward type certification for the aircraft, which demonstrates its airworthiness and compliance with regulations.

FlightGlobal reports Bell is developing a “full ice protection system” for the helicopter, which can carry up to 20 passengers and is to be manufactured in Texas.

Yellowknife routinely plays host to vehicle and aircraft manufacturers for winter cold-weather testing of new models.

Fellow helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky tested models in the city in 2016.