Kate Reid to challenge Katrina Nokleby in YK’s Great Slave

YWCA NWT president Kate Reid says she will seek election in Yellowknife’s Great Slave district this fall, challenging incumbent Katrina Nokleby.

Nokleby, an engineer, has already said she will seek a second term as the district’s MLA. Reid, a former journalist and archivist, announced her plan to run on Wednesday.

“I see my generation staring down what I lived in my childhood growing up in Yellowknife – having to make hard financial decisions and wondering whether you’ll still be able to afford groceries – and I don’t want that for anyone,” Reid, currently a senior policy analyst at the NWT government, said in a press release accompanied by the launch of a Facebook page.


Also president of UNW Local 40, Reid said she would focus on affordable housing, fair wages, a strong local economy and a “vibrant arts and culture scene” if elected.

Wednesday’s press release stated that Reid was “announcing her decision to run in Great Slave now so she can start a conversation with voters in the district, and begin to include their ideas, issues, questions and solutions in her campaign.”

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The territorial election is set to take place in October.

While candidates cannot formally submit their paperwork until September, people can announce they intend to run at any time.